What you regret on your dying bed are not the things you did in life but the things you didn't do. A wise man said "I do not regret the times I stood up for a cause and failed but I regret all the times I sat down and didn't do anything about a situation." The truth is that it is easy to not do anything at all; it is convenient not demanding for anything. The fear of failing has made so many people take the easy way out. They have adopted the norm of the world 'Mediocrity:' just go to school, study ANY course, graduate with an OK result, get a job that make ends meet, build a family, have kids to which you will inspire to do the exact same thing then you die.. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that, nothing bad about it. BUT there is nothing great about it either, nothing inspiring. You must understand that you are not like everyone else, you are a special breed; there is something unique about you, you've got greatness within you and you are expected to explore that greatness.

If you must do something extraordinary then you must become someone extraordinary, if you must do something you have never done before then you must become someone you have never been before!!! The best part is that all it takes to become someone extraordinary has already been deposited in you. So you don't have to become someone else, you just have to be a hundred percent you... So I ask "What is hindering you from being extraordinary?"

Maybe you have something you have always wanted to do, someone you have always wanted to talk to, something you have always wanted to change: SOMETHING!!!! But you didn't, because circumstance, someone or the world said it is not possible. Tell me, who has got the right to stop you? You want to be great: who has got the right to stop you? You want to change the world: who has got the right to stop you? Tell me: who? The price has already been paid; the price is you being born…… So you have paid the price and nobody has got the right to stop you. I say again; NOBODY!!!!

The older you become, the more things you've got to leave behind. Today dearly beloved, I am urging you to leave behind FEAR; fear of the unknown, fear of failure and criticism. Leave it behind and pick up the virtue of COURAGE; courage to go ahead even when the world is against you, courage to keep pressing forward despite all odds, courage to speak positivity, courage to dare strange feats, courage to believe in yourself and courage to live your dreams.

You’ve got greatness within you; that is not just a fact, it is the truth. Don’t let it die when you can still do something about it. Many have died without living their dreams, died with their potentials still untapped all because of fear, the same fear you have now. But the good news is that you are not in the grave YET.... SO START LIVING YOUR DREAMS TODAY!!!

    Guts, Greatness

  • 04 AUG, 2016

  • Emmy:

    True bro, we shouldn't shy away from exploring the greatness in us, for GOD has made us great.
    07 Aug, 2016

    Dream Chasers:

    Exactly!! We ought to embrace it and explore it to the fullest. May God help us.
    08 Aug, 2016


    yeah,we ought to have faith in our self always because that who we are.God created us with great talent in us but we have to search for it.
    10 Aug, 2016


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    Because you are doing a lot more than others doesn't mean you are getting a lot more done than others.

    You don't get ahead by pulling others down.

    If you wake up without a goal or dream then go back to sleep.

    Tomorrow is a product of today's activity.

    In order to change the world, you have to get your head together first... Change yourself then you can change the world!

    Always be ready and willing to do more than what is expected of you.

    What occupies your thought per time will determine your end in life.

    What seems to be our major problem today is not the unavailability of resources but the confusion of purpose.

    Without expectation, satisfaction/fulfillment can never be attained!

    What you get by reaching your destination is not nearly as important as what you will become by reaching your destination.

    Defeat never comes to any man until he admits it. Never admit defeat over your dreams and you will never be defeated!!!!!!

    Vision without action is merely a dream. Action without vision just passes the time. Vision with action can change the world. You too can change the world if you have both.

    A winner is not a person that wins but a person that never gives up..

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