The world is actually a large community and to operate effectively in this large community, people tend to work in categories. In our society, there are two kinds of people in it. We have the rich and the poor. As long as you live, you are either rich or poor. From another perspective, there are actually three kinds because there are some people that are not rich but fortunately they are not poor either. They are called the average. This classification makes people know where they belong and who they can relate with as to those in their category. These three categories are conjunctions of different factors; our background, our family, our kind of work, our level of education, our creativity. All these and many more are the factors considered in placing one in those categories. All these factors and category issues have created a division in our society. You cannot get things freely or communicate because of the categories. People are now working and burning their lives out not because they enjoy it but because they want to get to another category possibly the highest and best category. They are all missing the big picture; that together we form the society. The rich, the average and the poor; that's the society. The rich alone cannot operate in the society. They need the other categories as much as they need them. There is a purpose for everything. Discover the purpose why you are poor, fulfill that purpose and you will freely move on. You might be a mechanic repairing cars for the 'rich'; earning peanuts and you're feeling bad about it but do you know that you are helping to repair cars that if not repaired could take the lives of many if not people you love inclusive. See... you are there for a reason. We all are who we are in the society for a reason.

The saddest part is that this category stuff has creep into our homes. We now have the most loved child, the least loved and probably the normal. Every child is craving to be the most loved, all missing the big picture that THEY ALL FORM THE FAMILY. Listen, I don't know if you feel your parents don't show you enough love and care or you feel your kids dislike you than they love you but what I can tell you is that you form a piece in the puzzle of that family and if you are not there, the family won't be complete. So stay put and fulfill your purpose in that family.

Our schools are also affected. There are the brilliant ones, the dull ones, the average kids and of course the freaks. These divisions are separating us. Look out for the big picture. We form the hive of the school; the brilliant ones can't do it alone, they need all of us; you and me in order to be complete. So don't pull out, do your part.

In this world, there are many functions, professions, activities, institutions and even genetics. Let us not allow these differences divide us but let us look at the big picture; together we form the world. For it to be a masterpiece, you need to be there. So do your part, stop craving to be someone else and be yourself to the fullest. You have something the world needs; you have something to offer, fulfill your role and let's form the big picture.

    Togetherness, Love

  • 13 AUG, 2016

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    Because you are doing a lot more than others doesn't mean you are getting a lot more done than others.

    You don't get ahead by pulling others down.

    If you wake up without a goal or dream then go back to sleep.

    Tomorrow is a product of today's activity.

    In order to change the world, you have to get your head together first... Change yourself then you can change the world!

    Always be ready and willing to do more than what is expected of you.

    What occupies your thought per time will determine your end in life.

    What seems to be our major problem today is not the unavailability of resources but the confusion of purpose.

    Without expectation, satisfaction/fulfillment can never be attained!

    What you get by reaching your destination is not nearly as important as what you will become by reaching your destination.

    Defeat never comes to any man until he admits it. Never admit defeat over your dreams and you will never be defeated!!!!!!

    Vision without action is merely a dream. Action without vision just passes the time. Vision with action can change the world. You too can change the world if you have both.

    A winner is not a person that wins but a person that never gives up..

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