´╗┐Jeremiah sighted some cobwebs by the corner of the sitting room while the morning devotion was going on... "I will have to get it off before it spreads round" Jeremiah thought to himself.

After devotion, Jeremiah left for school alongside Stephen his brother.

The next day, after devotion, just before they stepped out for school. Dad called the attention of Everyone: I saw cobwebs around the house few days ago and today it is no longer there... In fact, there is literally no cobwebs around the house... I would like to know who is responsible for that; the person deserves to be rewarded for taking it to heart to ensure the house is in order even without being told!

Jeremiah looked up to the corner of the house.... Truly the cobwebs were all gone!

"Dad, it was me... I saw it yesterday when I came back from school and decided to take them off!" Stephen said. He was celebrated even in kind.
"So thoughtful of you. Keep it up son" Dad added.

Jeremiah even amidst the celebration had different thoughts running through his mind: And I thought about the same thing too. I was actually going to get rid of the cobwebs too. This could have been me being celebrated. How would they believe that I thought the same?

Beloved, statistics shows that the very day you conceive an idea, approximately minimum of 40 other persons conceived a similar idea as yours. So imagine that awesome idea you have and are planning to execute! It seems priceless right? And most probable to work, right? Well, now imagine that same idea already in the hearts of at least 40 other persons who would equally work to execute it.

You see, medals are not given to idealists but to _executionists_...

It does nott matter who thought about it first, what matters is who implemented it.

Plan well, strategize effectively but do not sit too long on that idea. Move it from an idea to a thing of reality.

As we have started the year 2020, I want to first assure you that it is a year filled with immense possibilities and opportunities. So dive in, get inspired, catch the vision, get ideas but most importantly, work on them in time and bring them to reality.

Let 2020 be a year of RESULTS for you. No much talking, no much thinking/analysing but ACTION. A year of implementation.

Do not be left out. Keep the fire burning, keep chasing your dreams and keep acting on them because the medals of Greatness belongs to who takes it first!

    Idea, Run, Results, Action

  • 15 JAN, 2020

  • Because you are doing a lot more than others doesn't mean you are getting a lot more done than others.

    You don't get ahead by pulling others down.

    If you wake up without a goal or dream then go back to sleep.

    Tomorrow is a product of today's activity.

    In order to change the world, you have to get your head together first... Change yourself then you can change the world!

    Always be ready and willing to do more than what is expected of you.

    What occupies your thought per time will determine your end in life.

    What seems to be our major problem today is not the unavailability of resources but the confusion of purpose.

    Without expectation, satisfaction/fulfillment can never be attained!

    What you get by reaching your destination is not nearly as important as what you will become by reaching your destination.

    Defeat never comes to any man until he admits it. Never admit defeat over your dreams and you will never be defeated!!!!!!

    Vision without action is merely a dream. Action without vision just passes the time. Vision with action can change the world. You too can change the world if you have both.

    A winner is not a person that wins but a person that never gives up..

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